Mud Puppy’s very top priority is to maintain a safe and clean environment for your pet.

We do hold the right to refuse service to any pet that shows aggression towards people or other pets.

There are situations that cause the groomer to not be able to finish a groom. In this case, you will still be expected to pay for the services completed.

We ask that you pick up your pet within reasonable time (1hour) after you receive notification that their groom is complete. If you need to leave your pet for any period of time that exceeds the 1 hour, you will be charged a day care fee.

We need to know any and all health issues,allergies,behavioral issues,ect. at time of drop off, to ensure we can care for your pet appropriately while in our care.

Mud Puppy requires all pets that enter our facility to be fully vaccinated. Proof of vaccinations or “titer test” must be given at time of drop off.

“How long?” We all have busy schedules, at Mud Puppy we will do our very best to accommodate any time restraints we are made aware of . Grooming is not always a straight through process and any “rushing” can cause accidents. Please be patient- we will call when your pet is ready for pick up!

Your Pet is too cute not to post! We have rights to any photos taken in our salon! Get ready to “ohh” and “ahh” over the cuteness!

We are not responsible for any injury caused during the process of shaving down or dematting a matted dog. We take as much precaution as possible but with matting being so close to the skin, irritation, nicks or cuts can easily happen.

If any accidental injury were to happen while under the care of Mud Puppy, we will call the number we have on file and let the owner know so that we can take the proper steps in getting outside care (if needed) to the pet.